Thursday, June 30, 2011


As of today I officially have 2 months to get things together and blast off these last 8 pounds and reach my goal.  It's fast approaching, but I am determined to succeed--espically after everyone made fun of me for buying a shake weight.  They might have probably cause, but I will prove them.

Tomorrow is July 1st and officially the start of my training period.  I have drafted this as a rough workout plan:

For breakfasts during this 28 day period I think I will wake up, grab a fiber one bar a couple days a week and a glass of milk on the rest.  Then I will go on my run with frank, do ABS and have a slim fast before I get ready for work.  This should all take about 90 minutes so I should be good if I get up at 5 each day.

-morning run with frank
-total body tone up WH
Tuesday: CARDIO:
-morning run with frank
-20 minute tredmil circuit with weights
Wednesday: STRENGTH:
-morning run with frank
-total body tone up WH
Thursday: CARDIO:
-morning run with frank
-20 minute tredmil circuit with weights
-morning run with frank
-total body tone up WH
Saturday: CARDIO (Play Day):
-GYM: Hip Hop and Pilates
-Bike Ride
Sunday: REST

After this, all I need to do is stick to my diet, and remember that I AM A GOOD THING FOR ME TO INVEST TIME ADN EFFORT INTO.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


On september 1st I will be 22 years old.  Not only will I be celebrating my birthday, but I will also be celebrating the one year anneversary of the day I woke up and decided that life was about to get really good because I was about to wake up, take responsability, and make the life I had always wanted to live.

Most years your birthday comes and goes and you don't really feel any different; for me. 21 was different.  Maybe it was the fact that I was still coming down off my high from my summer in europe, maybe it was the fact that my parents were taking me to see Wicked up in Minneapolis and I really felt like I could defy gravity, or maybe enough of those little daily events that shape you and make you had happened that i finally fell into a paradigm shift and gravity was still there--it was just pulling all of the things in my life into the places they belonged, and letting go of the things I didn't need anymore.

I've had a year ot think about all of this, and there are tons of topics I could talk about and discuss (and tons of topics I WILL talk about and discuss) but escentially, it all boils down to this: be your personal 10.

Personal 10
Personal 10 is a theory I came up with at the beginning of this summer when I was running on the tredmill while watching America's Next Top Model.  I was thinking about all of the different ways that there are to be beautiful and unique and intreiguing... It made me realize that there really is no such thing as a universal 10
I can get a flat stomach, shed off those extra pounds, have legs like a pussycat doll, be a size 2, grow my hair out and get a tan but it still won't change the fact that I am just not some boys type.  Some boys will just never be into white girls with out of control hair that's usually unbrushed and full of beads and feathers--but that doesn't mean I wont be a ten to the right person.  THAT, I believe, is that it is all about.  Being the right person--the person you were made to be--and finding the right people to be around.